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Kris & Kyle met at a Muscular Dystrophy Association sponsored camp outside Seattle, WA when they were just kids.  Bound by the same disease, their friendship grew upon their shared sense of humor.  Although they have varying, dynamic personalities, they balance each other out as any other brothers by birth would.

Kris Napper

Kris is a talented and successful graphic design.  Despite his mobility challenges, he has enough movement to dream up and design graphics for friends and clients to wear with pride. (Especially for Seattle sports fans!)  A lover of life with an adventurous spirit, Kris is always on the move, going to downtown Seattle, WA to hang with friends or root on his beloved Seahawks & Mariners.  His invincible spirit has served him well, especially throughout his many hospital visits for pneumonia, one of which put him near death. Despite this disease, Kris keeps going - keeping his family, friends and the medical staff on their toes and always looking forward.

Kyle Filkins

Kyle is a comedian pursuing studies in psychology.  One day, he hopes to move in with his buddy, Kris, so they can share a real bachelor life, even if theirs requires live-in caregivers. (Except he's engaged now, so that could be a little interesting!) Although he has extremely limited mobility, moving only his right thumb, he is not one to stop pursuing his dreams of taking the comedy spotlight and writing prose. Kyle has a novel in the works, a spec script on the way, and is writing new comedy material every week. His ultimate goal: five minutes in the limelight performing his own comedy standup and a script in the hands of Hollywood producers.

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